Archeological sightseeing Tour

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Place Duration
Dhaka City Tour ( 1 Full Day Tour)
Dhaka—Sonar gaon -moinamoti– Dhaka (1 Full Day Tour)
Dhaka—Bogra – Mohastan garh – Paharpur – Kanto Jeo Temple—Dhaka 3 days – 4 Nights
Dhaka -Mohastangorh – Pahar pur –Tajer hat Zaminder bari — Dhaka 3 Days – 4 Nights
Dhaka – Puthia — Chapai nawab gonj – Choto Sona mosque–Dhaka 2 Days – 3 Nights


Mohasthan Garh Tour Paharpur Monastary Tour
Moinamoti Tour Sonar gaon Tour
Kanto Jeo Temple Tour Choto Sona Mosque Tour
Puthia Temple Tour Tajer Hat Zaminder bari
Atiah Mosque Tour Seven domed Mosque Tour
Khaza shah Baz Mosque Tour Musa Khan Mosque Tour
Dhanmondi Old Eidgah Tour Sixty Domed Mosque

Tara (Star) Mosque: It is most colorful, designed and attractive mosque of Dhaka. “Star” sign is used every where of this mosque. It was built at the end of 18 century by Mirza golam faruq, an aristocratic person of Dhaka. The mosque was square and three domed. But in 20 century it was shaped in 5 domes. Star mosque is near by High School of Armanitola (Old Dhaka).

Khaza Shahbaz Mosque, gate and graveyard: In 17 Century a wealthy businessman of Dhaka, name Hazi khaza shahbaz, built a mosque with a complex. The mosque is 68X26 feet square long .There is a gate of this mosque, known as Shah Ki Dewri. There is a graveyard under a dome of north-east of the mosque. The complex is behind the shrine of three national leaders and near by Bangle academy.

Sat Gombuj (Seven domed) mosque: In 1680 the period of Subader Shaestah khan, this mosque was built. Basically it has three domes, but other 4 inflated tower of Four Corners makes the name seven domed mosque. The mosque square is 57 feet long and 21 feet wide. Middle dome is bigger than other two. It is near by mohammadpur bus stand of Dhaka.

Dhanmondi Eidgah : This is an oldest Eidgah (Where prayer of Eid performs) of Dhaka, now at Dhanmondi. In 1640 Mir Abul Quasem made it in order of Subader Shah Suja. There is a mosque beside this.

Atiah mosque : This was built in 1609 by Syed khan panni. He built this for the honor of famous saint Pir Ali shahan shah. The mosque is 40X40 squares and one domed. The wall of the mosque is well designed. This is an attractive mosque in Mymensing-Tangail zone and 8KM from Tangail town.

Sonar gaon : Sonargaon is the capital of Muslim ruler. Sultan (Ruler) of Bengal built this area in the bank of the river Meghna. That time Sultan of Bengal was independent from Empire of Delhi .The Empire of Delhi called this town as paradise. Isa Khan on of the famous Baro (Twelve) Bhuyian’s capital was sonargaon. Panam town, Panam Bridge, shrine of Gias uddin azam shah and great scholar Sharfuddin Abu tawama, Goaldi mosque and Arts and crafts museum are the visitor’s attraction here.

Sixty domed mosque : Sixty domed mosque is an attractive architecture of the Muslim period of Bengal. It was built by Khan Jahan Ali in the middle of 15th century. Khan jahan Ali was a ruler of this area that time. He was a Muslim saint also. A lot of mosque and ponds in this area are his contribution.160 feet long and 108 feet width this mosque has actually 77 domes. The domes are 22 feet high in the mosque. This mosque was declared World heritage by UNESCO in 1998. Mosque complex is 4 KM from Bagerhat district under Khulna division. Famous 9 domed mosque, 10 domed mosque, Rono bijoypur mosque, Shrine of Khan Jahan Ali and Dighi(large pond) are near by Bagerhat town.

Moinamoti : Moinamoti is one of the oldest archeological sights seeing of Bangladesh under Comilla district. This was ruling area of Buddhist in middle 6th to middle 10th century. Shalbon Bihar (Monastery), Ananda Bihar, Moinamoti Museum are main spot in Moinamoti area. Moinamoti – Lalmai hilly area have other several archeological sight seeing like – Ranir bangla, Kutila mura, Rupban kanna and voj rajar palace, Rupban Mura etc. Cadet College, Bard, War cemetery are also nice spot for tourists, adjacent to Moinamoti. Comilla is 97 KM from Dhaka.

Taz-Hat Zaminder Bari : Taz-Hat Zaminder Bari is not very old one, but its architectural design is very much attractive. 1917 Zaminder (Land lord) Gobindo Lal Roy built this in Mahigonj near Rangpur town. Now it is a picnic spot also. Shrine of Saint Qaramat Ali Jainpuri and shah Ismail Gazi, Darien fort, Mitha pukur mosque are also tourist spot at Rangpur. Rangpur is 335 KM from Dhaka.

Choto – Sona Mosque : Choto – Sona mosque is one of the attractive mosque of the Muslim period. It was established in the period of Sultan Hossain Shah at early 15 century. This was called “Jewel of Gour “at the period of Muslim Sultan. The Mosque is 70X40 feet square and 20 feet High. There are twelve domes and three quadruple. Wall was made by stone and Terracotta. This mosque is 30 KM from Chapai nawabgonj District. Graveyard of great freedom fighter (Bir shrashto) captain Jahangir and Subader major Nazmul is adjacent of the mosque. Shrine and mosque of Shah neyamat ullah is another spot near by Choto-Sona mosque.

Armenian Church : Armenian Church is an Orthodox Church built by Armenian in 1781. In 17th century a lot of Armenian came in Dhaka for business purpose and some of them become influential in the society. That time the Armenian built this big and colorful church. The height of the tower is more than hundreds feet and divided in four tiers. It has 4 doors and 27 windows. A lot of Armenian’s graveyards are surrounding by the church. Armenian Church is in Armanatola (Old Dhaka).